The Big Benefits Row

Now I mentioned this programme in my last post and honestly wasn’t going to do a post on this debate…. oops sorry row as channel 5 called it and I did tweet ch5 and asked why they called it a row instead of debate then I read Katie Hopkins was on it and the penny sank as that is 1 hell of a dangerous woman with some dangerous views now I’m all for the everyone is entitled to there opinion policy but to give someone with such ridiculous and very self opinionated views a platform is I think very dangerous and silly as she just says the same thing over and over again she hates unemployed she hates overweight….enough said about her I think now the debate, Big Benefits Row Live: Katie Hopkins left red-faced after being told that “adults are talking” – Mirror Online Red faces Katie … oops done it again the ROW didn’t really turn into a sensible debate at times, when we could hear what people were saying over all the hate, did have potential to be a good show but I think was and will be overshadowed in media with 2 people’s views Katie and Edwina who are so deluded even after told the FACTS AND FIGURES on the work market, which both knew and always do know, about how many jobs there are compared to people claiming jsa something in the figure of 500000 jobs 2million+ unemployed now I don’t have a fancy degree but even a simple minded man like me can see that it can’t be easy to get a job now all you heard from these women was “get a job” laughable right.

Now this is what annoys me…
A government run work placement scheme hits news for fraudulent claims…

The company was employed by the Department for Work and Pensions to deliver an employment and training scheme called ‘Inspire to Aspire’.

It pocketed huge sums from the public purse for getting people off benefits by delivering training and helping people to find work.

the guilty pleas follow a police investigation into the troubled company which is paid more than £200m by the Government each year.

Julie Grimes, 50, Aditi Singh, 30, Bindiya Dholiwar, 27, and Dean Lloyd, 36, admitted dozens of offences of fraud and forgery.

whistleblower claimed forged signatures and blank timesheets were ‘routine’ techniques used for bumping up the numbers of successful job placements.

The four former A4E recruiters admitted a total of 32 offences during a hearing at Reading Crown Court yesterday.

Then you hear things like this…
Man loses benefits after promoting himself for work with placard, full story ‘Source’ , yes you read right a man on jsa who was going round handing out placards looking for work the old fashioned way had his benefit stopped because he wasn’t ‘actively looking for work’ according to dwp stanards I mean how ridiculous is that.
Also in news today is Jobcentre staff whistle blower has come forward saying that there being told to sanction people who don’t deserve to be sanctioned so if your doing all the right things sticking to the jsa dwp policy you could be sanctioned as dwp Jobcentre staff have been told they have to do this there being given a number which they must meet each month so it’s unlucky for some if they end up on that list they’ll be sanctioned which means benefits cut or stopped even if you are doing the right thing this is SCANDALOUS.

what’s all that got to do with this great debate…. sorry keep doing that I mean ROW…  well it really comes down to all the media propaganda surrounding benefits and why so many self named ‘normal’ people have taken to attacking people who are on benefits yes we see a group of benefit claimers on benefits street being lazy playing the system no intention of finding work and we saw same on skint programme as well and we read about people in newspapers who are on ridiculous amounts of benefits with 8 kids big house all modern gadgets BUT that said these people are a minority look at the figures if you don’t believe me MOST people on benefits are under claiming by that I mean there claiming the minimum some don’t understand that there entitled to claim more some just don’t want to claim more and some are being made to wait long time for a claim to even go through now why aren’t we seeing a channel on TV make a programme about these people why don’t we see the families which are really struggling who don’t claim everything there entitled to and are out looking everyday for work and do have refusal after refusal from employers maybe that’s what we need to see not a small minority of people which drink all day don’t want to work and we all know this group as EVERY town, city, village has a small group of people who are like that yes it’s wrong yes it makes you angry BUT why all of a sudden are we labeling EVERYONE on a benefit with that brush why so much hate online and in public towards EVERYONE on benefits again look at statistics the numbers don’t lie more benefit money goes to people who do work than it does to unemployed people more benefits are paid to OAPS than unemployed.
Now what can we do? well we can stop buying into media/gov propaganda because that is what it is and the government saying unemployed figures going down well really I read into a few things and unemployed are being sent to these work programs which means there not ‘officially’ classed as unemployed anymore but they aren’t employed either and paying these companies over £200million a year is outrageous when the statistics show they don’t work yes it was previous government which started this scheme but it’s this government which trying to bum us of with facts and figures about unemployment going down and who have kept this scheme going ABOLISH it it doesn’t work now I’m not a no it all I don’t have answers yes the system needs changing yes we need to get people of benefits who don’t actually need them yes we need to stop benefits fraud so how about this and I did only think this up last night.
So instead of judging people on benefits as all the same,and I mean the dwp here, why not take each person on a merit basis new claimants would attend Jobcentre every day for 1/2 month this will cut out a lot of fraud claims where people work and take 1hr of work to go sign on each fortnight if a new claim is for disability then send a dwp member of staff to do home visit this would also create new jobs in every area of UK taking people of benefits instead of just shouting in house of parliament the government would actually be helping to get people into work here.
Other things are stop agencies and employers from bringing in foreign workers who will work for low wages because they won’t have same outgoing as UK residents this is another major issue UK residents pay a lot more out of there wages than foreign workers do and by this I mean employees bring say 10 people from another country they all work shifts so they all stay in 1 house splitting rent elect gas etc.. them 1 UK family of say 4 are trying to survive of 1 working wage has tax rent food council tax water rates etc… to pay from 1 wage government should be putting up minimum wage I read that if that had gone up the same as inflation the minimum wage would be £17 per hour yes that’s right per hour now when minimum wage was brought in to affect the man who fought for it advised that it get put up along with inflation but it never has WHY NOT why doesn’t wages go up each year everything else does.
Now most of the above wasn’t mentioned last night and they didn’t really touch on all the genuine disability claimants who are being affected by cuts and abuse seems we forget these people are in need of there benefits I really could go on and on about this and just so people who do read this know I do no what it’s like to be unemployed not for a few months long term and I do no what it’s like to labeled and judged by so called ‘NORMAL PEOPLE’ who think there normal just because there a little fortunate than others well I’ve never wished bad on anyone but I believe one day you, YES YOU, just might be in need of help and on benefits and then you will understand why you self named ‘NORMAL PEOPLE’ ain’t all that.
Treat people the way you want others to treat you karma is a bitch.
Just so shocking that most people have started targeting people who are a little down on luck and what is more outrageous is MOST of these people who are hating online have actually been in that position of being on benefits of some sort or are still claiming some sort of benefit while working tax credits is still a benefit people which is a shame and scandalous that people working have to be claiming just to survive WAGE RISE is needed across the country not just London another stat London get more cash for benefits than the whole of Scotland 1 city over a full country.

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